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Basic Policy toward the protection of personal information

Due Diligence:
1. confidentiality
2. privacy
3. accuracy
4. preservability
5. retrievability

Privacy Policy

Inter-Business Associates Corporation (IBAC) is the Consulting firm, engaging in Recruiting Support, Job training, Consulting for companies and cities, TOEIC promotion services.

IBAC fully recognizes the significance of protection of Personal Imformation, and lays down this Privacy Policy that must be complied by its administrators and all employees.

1.In case of handling the personal information, IBAC shall properly use and manage the Personal Information in accordance with the requirements of JIS Q 15001 and the Act on the properly established Management system of Protecting Personal Information that accomodates to our situation.
2.In case of handling the Personal Information, IBAC shall abide by the laws, the guidelines and any other regulations in Japan related to the protection of Personal Imformation,
3.In case of acquiring Personal Information, we shall obtain Users' consent, and take measures on using Personal Information properly for the purpose only.
4.In case of handling Personal Information by the third party, we shall make it sure that our guideline and fully complied by the party.
5.We shall take security measures and remedial actions on the system- related and technical basis, against illegal accesses including loss, damage, falsification and divulgence.
6.We shall correspond to his/her request of disclosing ,correcting, deleting, and suspending the Personal Information without delay.
7.We shall set up the procedure to deal with complaints or consultations on Personal Information and it's Management system.
8.We continually review and make improvements on our Management system.


This Terms of Use Agreement shall become effective of September 2, 2002.
September 11, 2009: Terms revised.
Tadahiro Kozawa

If you have any questions regarding Your Personal Information, you can contact:
Inter-Business Associates Corporation (IBAC)
Manager of Product Department

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